User:deadred on Thu, 31 Jan 2013 18:21:33 +0000

(1914) Charlie Chaplin's first movie, and so has historical importance. This is a frantic silent short that unfortunately seems to have little in the way of a directed plot. Without the aid of speech text intertitles and with the scenes just whipping by, on a first viewing it is very hard to keep up. For this reason, I found it beneficial to play at 80 percent speed. The quality of the print is degraded in places, understandable for a 1914 movie, but there are places that have the appearence of both over and under exposure. The accompanying music is done quite well, with a noticeably well timed 'bump' when a cop takes a punch @06:58. Video 4 Sound 9. Run time is 8m50s which is a little short of IMDB's reported 13m. This is really only for those who are curious to see Chaplin's first film. **